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We are a trusted source of news about Federal politics. We are based in the Press Gallery of Parliament House and are also in contact with many of the diplomatic community to be able to add a worldwide perspective.

Keating Media also regularly attends the National Press Club events that feature politicians from Australia and abroad as well as leading business figures and prominent people. We provide photography coverage of most NPC events. 

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Michael Keating is the bureau chief for Keating Media. He has been passionate about Australian politics ever since leaving high school. He now reports on a daily basis from Parliament House. Michael considers the democratic institutions including a free press as essential to guarantee our freedoms and the Australian way of life.

Australian Political News

Keating Media publishes Inside Canberra, Australia's longest running political publication. First published in 1947.

Stock Photo Sales

We take photos at many political events including inside the chambers of Parliament House. We have a photo sales website for you to view and/or purchase photos.

National Press Club

Keating Media are members of the NPC and Michael Keating is often asking questions during televised addresses.

A scanned image of the Inside Canberra newsletter Vol 1, No. 2
Photo of Michael Keating asking Michael Gannon a question

Insider news from Parliament

With the 46th Parliament now determined, we will be inside the House of Representatives as well as the Senate, to capture the events in photographs. We also take selected feeds from in the chamber or from press conferences and make them available to our network.


Australian Politics Volume 70 Issue 3 – Monday Edition

By Michael Keating | February 6, 2017

The Australian House of Representatives is one of the two houses that makes up the Australian Parliament, the other house is the Senate. It comprises of 150 members that were last elected on July 2, 2016. The term for a member is up to three years depending on when the Prime Minister of the day, […]